iPhone Bookmarklets

The revolution is here for those without "copy and paste" in their shiny box.

So how do I use this? Well first click on one of the links below and watch the page jump. Notice that the url now has a hash (#) and some javascript following it. Bookmark this page using your iphone's safari and then edit the bookmark. Change the title and remove everything from the hash (#) back. Make sure to erase the hash (#) and "http://" stuff too.

For example, say you bookmarked this: http://www.andresvidal.com/iphone#javascript:(function(){...} You would then edit this bookmark and erase everything in the url section (up to the hash [#]) to look like this: javascript:(function(){...} This should work for anything from this site, to a twitter or Facebook group page.

Now that you have your bookmarklets saved, go out there and use them. Visit any site and open the bookmarks menu to select the bookmarklet. If you want me to add more, just drop me a note.


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